Get Into a Healthy Lifestyle

So you decided to get fit. Good choice my friend!

I suspect that you want to do it a little.. or a quick workout every few days.. not sweat much.. and eat the same sh*t.

Right now your decision is what it is: a decision, a will, a wish. Nothing is accomplished yet.

Well I have a question for you: Do you REALLY want to change?

If you do “a little” you will get a little and most likely you will drop your exercise routine in “a little” time.

Quick workouts don’t work. They will not modify your metabolism enough to see (and feel) much of a difference in your body. Besides, the moment you drop off those systems, your metabolism will give you back your body as if nothing changed.

DO NOT follow TV advertisements or other quick/fake crap! While quick workouts, DVD series, and fashion exercises and diets may help to get close to your idea of target, the real solution is only one: In order to get actively fit you need to accelerate your metabolism and keep it so.

The only way to achieve this goal is to get into a commitment to a valid exercise and nutrition program.

I know the sound of it may scare you, but you don’t have to became Lou Ferrigno in 2 days, so take a breather and relax.

It has scientifically proven that if you put too much ego at the beginning of your activity (exercise, diet, sports..) you will get bored quickly and most likely you will drop the program and lose your goals.

What if you just take it easy? Start on your own pace with what you like to do.

If you like running, start jog around the block or the park. If you can’t run you can just walk, but start somehow! Get up and do it.

As I said, don’t get in to Rocky Balboa mode, keep it easy and do your steps. Set a starting running time, 10 minutes a day for example.

But, keep doing it! Stay constant in your rhythm.

After the first run, schedule when it will be you next one and mark it as a date. This is commitment.

Don’t miss that date and keep it as a regular meeting every 2 or 3 days. Eat less in those days you are not working out and eat a bit more in those you are working out. Less fat and more proteins as a standard, and carbohydrates before exercise.

As the time pass by you will notice that you are improving and you are able to achieve more than when you started, and that is when you understand the time that your body take to grow, recover and feel good as a reaction to your actions.

If you want to have some extra fun on this, try to take a picture of your body before you start your first workout, take a picture every week or 10 days. Keep them for yourself, snap them and “forget” them.

After a while you can start scrolling from the first to the last and you will clearly see the difference and the results of your efforts.

This is a good way to let you understand your own pace for when and how to workout.

For my experience, I always been very skinny. Now that I can see my change since my first picture I’m always pushing it and asking: “How can I get more? Let’s see what else is possible to change and improve!”

You will be impressed how little it take to start your change when it’s represented in your own image. All the big steps you’ve made to start, will seem like normal lifestyle and you can just do them again and again.

Don’t give up on yourself!

Train yourself like you are the person you want to be.

The same person you will see on those pictures in the near future.

Helpful Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle, Part 1

Living a healthy lifestyle is a subject of much debate in the media and throughout the world. Every self-proclaimed fitness guru has a new theory on what a healthy lifestyle is. In reality, it’s pretty hard to make heads or tails of any of it. It’s hard to know what to believe and what to throw out like yesterday’s garbage. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important factors to living a healthy lifestyle is your diet. What goes inside your body plays a huge role in how healthy it is. This may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this simple approach. To really be healthy takes some work on your part. You have to take the road less traveled and eat only healthy foods. There are several barriers to this but it can be done.

The biggest barrier that must be overcome is inconvenience. Eating healthy is not usually convenient. It’s that simple. It takes some planning on your part. You have to plan out your meals ahead of time and get the food that you need. If you go to the store once a week, then you need to plan out every meal for that week. Taking your lunch with you is one way to make sure of what you’re going to eat every day. Many people won’t eat healthy, simply because it’s too hard. They take the easy way out and just eat whatever sounds good at the time. There’s nothing wrong with that occasionally, but when you make it a habit, it can be destructive. Going to a fast food restaurant saves so much time that many people do that all the time. However, fast food is easily the unhealthiest food that you could put in your body. A greasy burger and fries can give you your entire daily-recommended intake of calories in one meal. Eating one huge, unhealthy meal wreaks havoc on your metabolism and health. Be sure of what is going into your body everyday and you will undoubtedly live a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Habits – Overcome Procrastination and Enjoy Life More

There are lots of people who are challenged with procrastination. Many people believe not taking action will help change the situation but actually, it only makes you even more frustrated in the future. It can affect your self worth and you end up feeling unaccomplished.

The things people do if they are a procrastinator’s are always trying to do things perfect. This type of mindset stops most people from moving forward and dead in the tracks. Another way, giving rewards to oneself even though it is not earned or deserved. For example, not having a carrot and a stick when it comes to earning something. In addition, they try to do too much projects at the same time.

There are many ways procrastination can overcome this. Quit trying to be perfect. For example, for me, writing articles ha d been a challenge for me, now, it no longer is because I know a small percentage will not like my stuff for whatever reason. I know that I will not satisfy everybody, and that got me to become more at ease and creative. In addition, you got to treat yourself as well. You should treat yourself well as you work towards each project. Finish a small chuck and give yourself a reasonable reward. Another way, break things up in bite-sized pieces. If it takes me 2 hours to write an article, instead of playing to sit for two hours straight, I may break it up in 30-minute chunks. Knowing that I have a break coming up makes the task less daunting. Don’t beat yourself up about past procrastination.

As you can see, you can use these ideas and focus on good habits in the future.