Hide Hair Loss With a Creative Cut and Color Job

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from thinning hair, you understand that it can be devastating to find loose strands of hair on the floor or tangled in your brush. After all, a stylish do is often the crowning glory of a woman’s appearance.

Never fear; this can still be the case, even if your hair is thinning.

The first thing to do is visit the doctor. Your thinning hair may be caused by a number of different factors, some medical in nature. Discuss both the possible causes and treatment options with a professional.

In the meantime, these helpful tips will help you feel better about yourself by making your hair look its best.

Volume Building Basics

Get a good cut that will properly frame your face and accentuate positive facial features, like your eyes. Pick a cut that complements your style and minimizes the appearance of hair loss. The classic short bob works for most people. A zigzag or side part can help build additional volume on the top.

Once you’ve chosen a cut, the colour is the next step. Although many people think hair colouring can further damage thinning hair, this is a myth! Hair colouring can actually give your thinning tresses awe-inspiring body and volume.

Out-of-the-box colours suit some purposes, but to make the most of a thinning hairstyle, go to a pro. A single hair colour, regardless of how well it flatters your skin tone, does nothing to hide thinning areas. In fact, it can draw attention to them.

Decisions, Decisions!

Carefully select a colour specialist by asking friends and family with fabulous manes for referrals. Consult with the stylist before taking the plunge. Using colour swatches, select a base colour, as well as an additional complimentary tone (or even two) for highlights. You could also choose a lighter overall colour, with a shade slightly darker for lowlights. The idea is to create depth, movement and volume with a multi-tonal style.

While some people are tempted to pick a dark shade to accentuate their tresses or cover grey, the best choice is a colour close to your skin tone. This is especially true if you experience thinning around the scalp, as the lighter tone blends more naturally with your skin and reduces the contrast in a receding hairline.

Prevent Further Damage with Foils

Most professional stylists will recommend semi-permanent colour because it does not contain ammonia or peroxide, which can dry hair. If you choose to highlight, ask your hairdresser to use foils, not a cap. With caps, strands of hair have to be pulled through tiny holes. This can stress the hair and scalp. When using foils, sections of hair are simply painted and enveloped within foil strips.

You will find that a carefully selected new cut and exciting colour give you not only a new look, but greater confidence. This will definitely put the bounce back in your step!

Can You Tell Your Girlfriend Her Hair Looks Stupid?

Her hair is sacred so be careful…

If you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend then you will probably want to do what you can to make her happy. You can of course do this by doing nice things for her, telling her you love her, always being there for her and making sure you avoid doing things that might upset her.

The problem is what do you do when she does something like get a really bad haircut? You know telling her is going to either make her really mad, really upset or really embarrassed and you probably don’t want her to feel any of those things, but you also don’t want to lie to her if she asks you what you think. Would it be worse if she went to work with a bad haircut and she came back and was annoyed that you hadn’t told her?

Here is some advice on what you can do in this situation:

Be Honest

Of course what you should do is be completely honest but also be gentle about how you do it. You should probably say something like, “you are really beautiful darling but I don’t think that hair cut really does you justice”. That way you cover a criticism with a compliment so that she can’t be angry.

Learn to love it

If she is sure that she likes it a lot then you can always just keep quiet and avoid any reason to upset her. After all maybe you don’t know what a nice haircut looks like so you could be being critical when you really don’t know what looks nice and what doesn’t. Surely, if the crazy salon design surrounding the stylist is anything to go by, they knew what they were doing when she was sat in the big salon furniture so who are you to criticise.

Get her friend to do it

If you really think that you will only be in trouble if you tell her what you think, then you should try to get her friend to tell her. Get in touch with her best friend somehow and brief her on the situation. When she hears what has happened she will hopefully be able to come round and tell your girlfriend the bad news without letting it slip that you tipped her off. She will find it easier to take from her mate and you will be able to say that you like it no matter what the friend says.

An Overview of the Equipment You Will Need to Start Your Salon

There are many salon services that are becoming very popular, and because of this it is also a popular business to get into. Some salons offer basic services such as hair cuts and styles. But more and more, they are offering manicures and pedicures, skin care such as facials, massage and waxing. The kind of services you would like to get into determine what equipment you will need to start off your business. These upgraded services require additional equipment such as pedicure chairs with foot soaking basins or tanning beds.

Beauty salons all offer certain standard equipment from chairs and shampoo stations, even before a salon considers starting up at all. And others that focus on pampering their client and offering relaxation will want to think about pedicure spas, massage tables and tanning beds. They all need to acquire the basic pieces of equipment to enable that, for example they will all need barber’s chairs that provide comfort for the client while adjustability for the stylist. What salon services the establishment offers will determine what equipment is necessary to purchase.

Beauty salon equipment is a term that applies to the pieces that they will need to offer services within the industry. Every salon needs a certain number of key pieces of equipment to work properly and fully function for today’s customer. Taking care of clients’ face, hair, nails, body skin or feet involves certain mandatory equipment. It usually includes hair dryers, supply trolleys, wash basins, and styling chairs, among others. A salon can get by with those type of items and not the higher-end equipment if they just want to offer basic services. But if they want to expand into other parts of the business, they will need to upgrade.

Fortunately, for aid in selecting your core salon requirements, there are hundreds of companies that market the items, and they are all easy to investigate on the internet. Many companies market such pieces wholesale or used, offering savings while the expense can seem prohibitive. Other companies offer “starter packages” to serve as core necessities. These provide basics at a price that is more affordable than if the items were individually purchased.

Even when strategies are used to save money, they can seem like a large expense. Sometimes it also depends on what type of salon you intend to establish, If you want a hip upscale establishment it might be necessary to use the higher end products, but if you only want to run a basic corner barber shop, it might not be that important to get the best of the best, These initial investments will be one of the necessary steps toward establishing your core business components, so it is a fortunate thing that there are so many choices and locations that give you different options that will meet a variety of needs.