Ghana Clothing Business: An Overview Of The Apparel Market

Ghana was the first African country to gain independence. A former British colony, it is located in West Africa, bordering Nigeria and Ivory Coast. It is the United States’ third largest trading partner in Africa, after Nigeria and South Africa. Its economy has grown substantially this decade as it implements reforms recommended by international financial bodies such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Although the economy has seen strong improvements, the average person in Ghana earns the equivalent of $700 per year, substantially less than employees earn in Nigeria and South Africa.

Because of the low level of earnings the majority of the clothing market is comprised of used apparel.

Importers purchase bales of used clothing that have been donated to American and European charities, and resell the clothing at the retail level. The used clothing is sold at stalls in open markets similar to flea markets, and is exported to other less affluent African countries, such as Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Togo. The used clothing is distributed according to the local buying power, so relatively affluent areas will receive Grade A clothing, while other areas will receive Grade C clothing. Some clothing vendors will hire tailors to repair the lower grade clothing and resell it in their shops in better condition. Wholesalers will attract a following of resellers who meet them at the port when their cargo is unloaded. Because transactions are strictly conducted in cash, security and trust are two important rules in the trade.

While the used apparel category still represents a sizable portion of the total market, the middle class and upper class have a strong preference for new clothing. New fashions are imported from China, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Imported new clothing ranges from generic clothing mass produced in Chinese factories to fashionable brands resold in exclusive boutiques. The middle and upper class enjoy Internet access and international travel and are therefore familiar with popular brand names.

A small percentage of the workforce in Ghana works in the oil sector, and require work and safety clothes.
Recently, the office sector has been developing, creating a demand for dress shirts, with a preference for Kenneth Cole.

In addition, the recent economic upswing has created a booming construction sector which needs professional work clothes, and as a consequence has increased the number of people who can afford to make discretionary apparel purchases.The market for homegrown fashion designers is not significant since most consumers prefer to purchase foreign brands.

Traditional wear is delineated by their location, people living in the North wear the Kente cloth while people living in the South wear a smock. Traditional wear is also dictated by the respective religion of the individual, seventy percent of the population are Christian, fifteen percent are Muslim, with the rest practicing other major religions including native faiths. Each religious group has its own festival clothing requirements, although most men and women wear similar clothing, influenced by their region, in their day to day lives.

Beautiful Baby Clothing

There are a lot of people who find shopping for baby clothing overwhelming as there is such a huge variety of styles available today. New designs and styles come up every day, and it’s really normal to find torn for choice. If it’s an individual’s first time going for baby shopping, he or she may discover that it’s extremely confusing. This could lead to overspending and therefore it’s best to seek guidance.


If a person is planning to buy clothes for his or her own baby or for a friend’s baby, it is very important to buy those apparels which are soft and comfortable. It is also extremely important to make sure that the clothes have a broad opening so that it’s easy to change as the infant grows. Babies require a lot of care, and the choice of clothes you buy determines that.


To make sure you buy good clothing, it’s advisable to not select “just right” sizes which the baby might overgrow in a couple of weeks. It is important to buy a size which is a little bigger, as the baby will develop sooner than you think and consequently will require bigger clothes. If you get only tiny cute clothes, the baby might not be able to wear some of them at all.

Another extremely important tip when it comes to shopping for baby clothing is to ensure that you buy clothes to suit the various different events which involve the baby. The occasions could include family gathering, baby showers, first birthday, baby christening, and the like. All such events may necessitate different kind of clothing. You can even have certain clothes personalized to go with the occasion in question.


When trying to choose the right colors for baby clothing, you must not choose the colors which are either too bright or too dull. It is best to go for beautiful, warm colors. They can be chosen with unique patterns and varied decorations. The best thing about baby clothes is that they come at affordable prices and therefore it’s possible to get a huge variety of apparels for all sizes.

Shopping Online

Online baby clothing stores have made it even easier for people to shop for such apparels. You can browse through separate categories such as by categorizing into girl or boy clothes arranged in various different occasions and sizes. You do not necessarily have to spend too much time in the stores and you will be content with what you get.

Alternative baby clothing is another thing that is in a lot of rage these days. There are certain parents who still stick with dressing their babies in pastels, whereas many other parents want something else for their babies. There are accessories and apparels for parents who would like to dress their babies in something which adds to the personality of the baby than the classic blue and pink frills out there. From crossbones to skulls, celebrity Baby clothing to nautical designs, and new unique pieces, there is a choice for any kinds of parent.

How to Preserve an Autograph on a Piece of Clothing

Collecting memorabilia has become more than just a hobby in today’s world. People are using collecting as a way of making money and some are even basing their whole career on it. Of course there are still the people who collect just for the pleasure of it. Collectors take great pride in their collections and some use collecting as a way of feeling closer to their chosen idol. In some ways it can even be seen as a form of worship and the collection is a shrine and a mark of respect.

Collecting is a great pastime but it can take a great deal of time and hard work to build up real collection. Sometimes you may be stuck in line for hours waiting to get the signature of your favourite actor or sports star, you may need to hang around after gigs or matches to get the autograph you want, and event then you maybe disappointed. Sometimes a star is just too busy to sign something for you or they may not be willing to. If you have the gift of the gab then you may be able to get back stage after a gig and this is probably your best chance of getting an autograph.

Sometimes you may be caught off guard and unexpectedly spot a celebrity signing opportunity and you may not have your autograph book to hand. Do not worry; most celebrities will sign clothing for you so just offer them whatever you are wearing! Sometimes a signed piece of clothing will be worth more than a signed photograph, especially if it is a signed piece of sports clothing. However, it can sometimes be quite hard to preserve these sorts of pieces of memorabilia and after you have gone to all the trouble of obtaining it you certainly don’t want the photograph to fade. There are a few preventive measures that you can take with your autographed memorabilia which can greatly help to extend the life of the signature.

If you want to wash the article of clothing then you should do so only in cold water and on a gentle cycle. You must not over-wash it as this will definitely help it to fade. You must not put in a dryer with other clothes; instead leave it to dry naturally. Cleaning the piece to often will age the signature unnecessarily. If you want to try and set the signature then you should use a blow dryer or an iron to do this. The heat from the appliance will set the ink so that it is more resistant to fading even after repeated washings.

You may want embroider or sew along the signature so that a version of the signature is always on the clothing even after it has faded. If you must put the clothing in the dryer then make sure that it is on the highest heat setting for 30 minutes. The heat from the dryer sets the ink so that it is more resistant to fading. Some people prefer to coat the autograph with a clear fabric paint to stop it fading. You must always test this on another piece of clothing before hand though, to make sure it works and doesn’t damage the clothing.

Lastly, you could always frame the article of clothing or purchase a memorabilia box. This is the best way to make sure that your article is completely protected and preserved forever.