Lifestyle Habits – Overcome Procrastination and Enjoy Life More

There are lots of people who are challenged with procrastination. Many people believe not taking action will help change the situation but actually, it only makes you even more frustrated in the future. It can affect your self worth and you end up feeling unaccomplished.

The things people do if they are a procrastinator’s are always trying to do things perfect. This type of mindset stops most people from moving forward and dead in the tracks. Another way, giving rewards to oneself even though it is not earned or deserved. For example, not having a carrot and a stick when it comes to earning something. In addition, they try to do too much projects at the same time.

There are many ways procrastination can overcome this. Quit trying to be perfect. For example, for me, writing articles ha d been a challenge for me, now, it no longer is because I know a small percentage will not like my stuff for whatever reason. I know that I will not satisfy everybody, and that got me to become more at ease and creative. In addition, you got to treat yourself as well. You should treat yourself well as you work towards each project. Finish a small chuck and give yourself a reasonable reward. Another way, break things up in bite-sized pieces. If it takes me 2 hours to write an article, instead of playing to sit for two hours straight, I may break it up in 30-minute chunks. Knowing that I have a break coming up makes the task less daunting. Don’t beat yourself up about past procrastination.

As you can see, you can use these ideas and focus on good habits in the future.